Jordan Chamaa

Jordan Chamaa

Education Consultant

Hello! My name is Jordan (but you can call me JC!), and I am one of the Candidate Consultants for the South Team here at Tradewind. I originally joined the team in 2018 as the Compliance Consultant which was a fantastic starting point for me to learn all about the onboarding and compliance process for new applicants.

After a year in that role, I joined the South Team as an Allocator, where I was primarily responsible for filling all future shifts, and blocks in a timely manner. I am now working as one of the Candidate Consultants alongside Heather and Becs. Our main responsibilities as Candidate Consultants is to maintain meaningful relationships with all teachers via regular phone calls/communications to ensure a loyal teacher pool is available throughout the year, which also involves allocations and the initial interview of the teacher.

I have also recently taken on the role as Practice Lead in addition to my current responsibilities. My primary focus in this role is to oversee all things training and coaching for the Candidate Consultants and Allocators. This includes implementing training for new and existing staff and providing ongoing coaching where necessary.

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