Kritika Raj

Resource and Compliance Consultant

Career and Education Background:
With a MBA in Human Resources, I also have over 5 years’ experience in HR operations, Recruitment and Selection, RIS Implementation and Change Management across diverse industries. I’ve spent many years managing and improving HR activities by focusing on the employee experience, while also working closely with senior management to further develop and grow the organisation. 

What I’m Passionate About:
Meditation as it helps me maintain my inner peace, feel fresher and more energised.

Why Work with Me:
For Tradewind to be successful, I need to be a positive link between our candidates and hiring managers. To me, this means providing you with an outstanding level of service that involves being accountable, well-organised and really understanding your priorities and needs. 

Three Interesting Things About Me:
1. I love singing and listening to music – they’re both great stress busters!
2. I like travelling and visiting new places
3. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends

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