Tracy Donnarumma

Operations Manager

Tell us about your role.

As an Operations Manager, my role involves overseeing day-to-day operations while ensuring the wellbeing of our team. I work to develop and implement effective policies and procedures that streamline processes and manage operational risks. These policies help us comply with regulations and create a safe environment for our employees, reducing potential disruptions. Our goal in Operations is to balance the demands of daily functions alongside a strong commitment to the mental health of our employees, as their wellbeing is fundamental to our collective success.

Tell us about your career to date.

I have worked in recruitment for 20+ years. During this time I have worked across all sectors including working as a Manual Handling Trainer and also working with clients with brain injuries as a Support Worker. When I moved to Australia, I worked for Life Without Barriers as a Recruitment Manager, running three states and working across all specialisms. After 6 years there, I fancied a change and moved out of a hands on Recruitment role and into Operations with Tradewind. I have been with Tradewind since March 2022.

Which of Tradewind's Core Values resonates with you the most and why? 

Serve as you wish to be served is my favourite value because it reflects a sense of empathy and reciprocity. It encourages people to treat others with the same kindness, respect, and care that they would desire for themselves.

This value fosters understanding and consideration for others' needs and feelings, creating a more compassionate and harmonious environment in both personal and professional relationships.

How do you stay ahead of the curve?

I am an avid course attendee/nerd. From Mental Health to OHS, and beyond. I love to learn and put into practice the changes we can make to allow a more cohesive and caring workplace. Staying ahead of the curve and offering exceptional service doesn't have to be overly stressful. Here we embrace a culture of learning, collaboration, and adaptability. We listen to the team and use their feedback to make gradual, positive changes.

Why should a job seeker or business choose to work with Tradewind?

Here at Tradewind, I work with some of the most accomplished and experienced Recruiters I have ever met. Over two decades, that's a pretty good accolade! This is fantastic for our clients and candidates as they are getting some of the best care and attention in the industry when it comes to finding a role or staff for their business. From a selfish perspective, it's also great for me as they make my life so much easier!

What is an interesting fact about you?

I train dogs. I have a side business called Oopsie Daisy Dog Training and it's never a dull day!