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About Us

It’s no exaggeration to say teachers and social workers can change a person’s life. They inspire, mentor and offer guidance that can influence the path taken. With so much at stake, organisations and industry professionals depend on education and social work recruitment agency that not only understands the nuances of these sectors but can help them grow and achieve their goals. Tradewind Australia is an education and social work recruiter who has the ability, knowledge and integrity to do just that. 

We opened the doors to our Melbourne-based office in 2000 and quickly cemented our position as leading social work and teaching recruitment specialists across Victoria. Since establishing ourselves as experts in recruiting for education and social work jobs, we’ve been able to expand our areas of expertise into two supplementary markets: Allied Health and Corporate Services. From support workers to principals, CRTs to social workers (and everything in between), we can connect you with Melbourne’s best opportunities, and the market’s top available talent.

As one of the few CRT recruiters who offer a comprehensive professional development program to support our Casual Relief Teachers and their careers as a priority. In fact, we are now established as one of the leading suppliers of high-calibre casual relief teachers in Victoria today, when it comes to CRT jobs, our track record speaks for itself.

Success can only be achieved by treating everyone as individuals through a framework of transparency, honesty and integrity. That’s why we go the extra mile to deliver on our promises and exceed expectations. If you’re looking for an education and social work recruitment agency that prides itself on having the highest standards, then you need to look no further. 

To discuss any of our recruiting services or the latest social work and teacher jobs in Melbourne, get in touch with our team today.

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