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Casual Relief Teachers

Casual Relief Teacher Job Description & Duties

CRTs are vital for the seamless operation of a school, significantly contributing to the continuity of learning and growth for students. Not only do CRT jobs encompass numerous responsibilities, from lesson delivery and classroom management to assisting pupils with their work, but casual relief teachers also exert a strong influence over a student’s learning experience. Plus, they do all of this without any established relationships!

Tradewind Australia is an expert Melbourne CRT agency that understands these nuances within the market. Our knowledge of the education sector has been built over several years which means you‘re partnering with a CRT recruitment specialist who knows your market and appreciates your day-to-day challenges. Whether you’re a school in Melbourne with relief teachers needed or an available teacher who is after temporary teaching jobs, our specialist CRT recruiters are here to support you.  

While most Melbourne CRT agencies just focus on filling a vacancy, what separates Tradewind Australia from the others is the ongoing support we offer schools and teaching professionals. We work beyond simply filling gaps and develop strong relationships that endure changes in the industry. Our CRT recruiting solutions are tailored, measured and based on open, honest communication and integrity.

As proof of our commitment and dedication to CRTs, we offer professional learning and coaching [CG1]  in Melbourne to all of our agency teachers throughout the year. These professional development courses, led by ex-Principals Billy Green and Terry Twomey, cover a range of topics including:

  • The role of a CRT

  • Day-to-day life as a CRT in a school

  • Classroom behaviour management

  • Building relationships and trust in the classroom

Our CRT recruitment services also incorporate a range of relevant programs to build our teachers’ careers. We’re on hand to assist you in applying for teaching positions, writing an application, advice after being shortlisted for a teaching opportunity, interview tips and more.

Looking for one of Melbourne's top CRT agencies? To find out how we can support your school with the most qualified CRTs or take your teaching career to the next level, get in touch with the Tradewind Australia team.

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