Meet The Team - Chris Prosser

May 2015 by Tradewind Australia

Chris Prosser Blog Featured

Recruitment done well is about relationship building and forming lasting partnerships based on trust. We're extremely proud of the team we have assembled and we'd like to give you the opportunity to get to know our people a little better. Here is a Q & A we carried out recently with Social Work Consultant and Aged and Disability Services team member, Chris Prosser. Over to you Chris! 


What do you like to do for Self-care after a busy day?

I like to put on an oversized jumper, sit on the couch, put my feet up, and jump into the rabbit hole we all call Netflix. True crime documentaries and binge-worthy T.V series are my go-to. I often will spend hours searching for something to watch, so recommendations are always welcomed.

Who is your Role model and why?

Difficult to say. I can’t think of a particular person that I look up to and fully support everything they stand for. There are some inspirational people that I admire, however, I wouldn’t say I compare myself to them.

What do you most like about your role?

As cliché as it sounds, I enjoy being able to help people the most. I take pride in matching our candidates to the right roles and providing them with the support and feedback to assist them in developing. Knowing that our candidates are providing support to some of the most vulnerable members of our society, I really like being a part of this.

What is your favourite place to eat in Melbourne?

The South Corner, hands down! For those playing along at home, this is a family-owned local café that has revamped an old corner store/milk bar located in Werribee to one of the best cafes! Their vibe and service are next to none, in combination with the best coffee, they are definitely worth paying a visit to!

What are you most thankful for?

Another cliché answer, my family. In particular my fiancé and 10-month-old daughter. Regardless of how busy I can be, or how hectic the outside world can feel, spending time with them is always something I look forward to.