Dressed for Success

June 2017 by Admin

Dressed For Success

Walking through the city in a tight dress with a bad-ass teenage moustache was a strange thing to do. People looked, people judged and people took photos. I’m no celebrity, but there is a mum from Canada who has a selfie taken with me in central Melbourne.

Why the heck would anyone do this? Embarrass themselves, show a level of vulnerability, and then enjoy the experience more than they would care to admit? We did it to help raise money for two of the charities we support -One Girl and Movember- because we believe we have a corporate responsibility to make a difference where we can and because we believe going to work should offer a sense of fulfilment as well as fun. The charities we support are decided upon by our staff. One Girl, a charity that educates a girl in Africa for just $300, driven by a member of the Education team. Movember, by the Social Work team, because the number one cause of death amongst males aged 15-44 is suicide and guys, who are great at talking about the footy, are not so great at talking about their inner world or health. Our longest standing charity, the Fred Hollows Foundation, can cure blindness for $25. A no-brainer.

I’m not here to beat a drum and yell that charity is a good thing. That ship has sailed. But I do think it is time we beat a drum and say that if you are not being fulfilled in your work, if it is a fun-free zone, then it is time to get out. You deserve a workplace that makes you feel good…no matter how you dress.