6 Education Podcasts for Teacher Professional Development

April 2019 by Admin

Tradewind Blog 6 Education Podcasts Featured

We’re already partway into 2019, with the end of Term One fast approaching, which means now is a great time to start thinking about professional development. At Tradewind, we love supporting our teachers’ growth, and podcasts are excellent resources to keep up-to-date with the latest trends, teaching practices, handy classroom resources and practical advice. The best part is podcasts are free, and you can listen to them anywhere!

There are some incredibly insightful podcasts currently being produced, both in Australia and overseas, that are guaranteed to provide a fresh perspective for even an experienced teacher. So, make yourself a cup of coffee, find a cozy spot, and dive into these top Education podcasts:

Teacher Magazine

Teacher Magazine provides a fountain of information covering just about everything under the sun for teachers. What we love about this podcast is its wide variety of exciting topics and cutting-edge ideas which can easily be implemented in your daily lessons. A “no hands up” policy in the learning environment and addressing gender bias in a science classroom are just some of the topics you will find in this podcast. This is an excellent tool for not only teachers but anybody interested in education and learning.

Teacher’s Education Review

This fortnightly podcast looks at notable topics from around the world and bridges the gap between policy, research and practice. Covering hot topics and common struggles in today’s teaching world, Teacher’s Education Review regularly features current events in Education and offers a critical look at significant stories. Don’t miss this podcast if you want to hear the latest and most talked about stories in professional development for teachers.

Talking Teaching

The University of Melbourne’s Graduate School of Education is determined to make a difference in the lives of young people, and it has the credentials to show for it. The Melbourne Graduate School of Education understands how critical and complex the issue of raising Australia’s educational standards can be and is committed to playing a significant role in transforming contemporary learning. Tune in to listen to interviews from thought leaders and practitioners on the latest in educational thinking and philosophies.

Truth for Teachers

Angela Watson is the brain behind Truth for Teachers, and is not only a committed teacher but is passionate about inspiring others to raise the bar and truly enjoy their work. Watson’s wisdom helps teachers to be intentional about their purpose so they can see their goals come to fruition and focus on what really matters. Listeners learn how to navigate obsolete teaching practices and bring their visions to life in a fulfilling way. Don’t miss Watson’s profound advice in this remarkable podcast.

The House of #EdTech

Technology is changing our world, not only transforming the way educators teach but also how students learn. The man behind this podcast, Christopher J. Nesi, explores the implications of technology in the classroom and how teachers can harness the power of tech to further generate a positive impact. Nesi sits down with sensational leaders, teachers, and creators to discuss their stories and how they’ve succeeded in using technology to expand young minds.

Teaching Matters 

The Teaching Matters podcast looks at the unique needs of students to discover how to better reach the various types of learners. Everyone learns differently, especially at a young age, so it’s imperative to understand how each individual’s cognitive path differ and how they process information to ensure maximum learning. The podcast explores the importance of this and discusses current trends and research on how to better serve our students.


The Education world is continuing to become more complex, especially with the increasing impact of technology. As an educator, it’s essential to be consistently learning and finding new ways to keep your students engaged. Whilst staying informed is a key part of professional development, podcasts, in particular, offer an invaluable advantage as they also provide access to relatable stories and perspective from others in the profession.

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