6 Teacher Professional Development Courses You Should Sign Up For

July 2019 by Shelley Martin

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As any teacher knows, participating in professional development courses is essential for expanding your core skills and furthering your knowledge. As the world races on and the competition increases, the importance of honing your teaching philosophy and improving professional practice (not to mention meeting your PD requirements) remains critical, and you likely already devote a significant amount of time in your busy schedule to this as it is.

With so many different programs and workshops available, one of the biggest challenges for many teachers can be to simply identify which courses to pursue, as, naturally, you want to know it will be worth your time and effort.

To help, we’ve put together a list of the best professional development courses for Victorian teachers. These courses are designed to equip you with the tools you need to not only successfully manage the everyday challenges of the classroom, but to also make a bigger impact on your students and take your career to the next level!

2019 Professional Learning Program

Victoria Curriculum and Assessment Authority

The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) is a pillar in the field of professional development for teachers. VCAA is committed to providing high-quality learning programs for teachers implementing the Victorian Curriculum F-10 while ensuring proper assessment and reporting, enabling them to be savvy, well-equipped, lifelong learners.

Inclusive Classrooms

Victorian Deaf Education Institute

An inclusive learning environment is critical to the success of students with diverse learning needs, and many times they are right in your own classroom. Courses through Inclusive Classrooms focus on the comprehension, assessment, and classroom support of students with a wide range of needs and challenges. This course is an excellent tool for teachers working with students with dyslexia, autism, vision impairment and more.

Mindfulness, Voice and Presentation Techniques for Teachers

Monash University

This modern learning program is designed for primary and secondary teachers who are seeking to gain mindfulness techniques that can help build resilience and minimize stress and anxiety. You’ll learn how these can be applied in the classroom, passing them onto students and preparing them to face future challenges. Don’t miss this course, which is not only hugely beneficial in a classroom setting but has elements that can positively impact your day-to-day life.

Educational Planning for Students with Special Needs

Monash University

This professional development course for teachers recognises that students with special needs require extraordinary attention, so honing one’s skills is critical, particularly in this highly specialised and impactful field. This course offers the skills and knowledge to construct and implement a Personalised Learning and Support Plan for students with special needs in order to make a meaningful contribution to their lives. It will help you meet requirements for both the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers and the government Special Needs Plan.

Partnering to Improve Learning

Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership

This teacher professional development workshop is focused around the idea that environment is a crucial component of any learning initiative, and is designed to be undertaken by school staff members in vertical teams of up to three participants. This program creates strategies for strengthening school relationships with families and the wider community, based on the theory that community creates stability, which fosters academic success. You’ll learn how to actively engage families, local businesses and philanthropic organisations to better serve students and the community.

Tradewind’s Professional Development Workshops

Tradewind Recruitment

At Tradewind, many of our Education recruitment consultants have been teachers themselves, so we have first-hand knowledge of the challenges the educational field faces. This is why we offer a variety of courses tailored to provide optimal benefits for our teachers. To help you develop in your career and meet Victoria’s training requirements, Tradewind offers PD during convenient times such as school holidays and evenings. We even have two former school Principals on board who are involved in creating our curricula to ensure you’re gaining the most out of your time.

Our workshop topics include:

  • Writing Applications and Interviewing

  • Managing Challenging Behaviours and Difficult Students in Secondary Schools

  • Teaching in Victorian Schools

  • Secondary Teachers Working in Primary Schools

  • And many more!


At Tradewind, we believe that teachers are the backbone of our future, and we want to do what we can to assist in this field. By signing up for a professional development course, you’re not only staying ahead in your career, but you’re also helping others by passing along the valuable knowledge you’ve gained to your students and colleagues.

To find out more about how Tradewind supports teachers and CRTs, or if you’d like to sign up for our upcoming professional development workshops, get in touch today.