6 Key Learning Resources for CRTs

May 2020 by Tradewind Australia

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Casual Relief Teachers (CRTs) in Australia play a vital role in maintaining the continuity of learning for students during the absence of their permanent teacher. From lesson delivery and classroom management to assisting pupils with their work, CRTs undertake a variety of responsibilities to influence a students’ learning experiences. However, as anyone who has held a CRT job will tell you, this type of teaching role has its own unique challenges and its important CRTs have the support and resources to help them succeed.

As a leading Education recruiter, Tradewind is dedicated to helping our CRTs thrive. Our goal is to support them in every step of their professional development, which is why we’ve put together a list of key learning resources for CRTs.


As an initiative funded by the Victorian Department of Education, CRTPD provides CRTs access to free professional development programs, personalised to suit a wide range of needs. Once CRTs register to become a member, they’ll be able to undertake any of the courses and training available. All courses adhere to the Australian Professional Standards of Teachers and contribute to your registration renewal.

Learn more about CRTPD

Teacher Learning Network (TLN)

The TLN offers professional development for educators in early childhood, primary and secondary environments. Utilising a number of different formats, the aim is to engage educators in the most relevant way to enhance learning. Courses can be accessed in person or through online sessions undertaken live or on-demand. The TLN also runs a variety of CRT conferences and events throughout the year.

Learn more about the Teacher Learning Network

Teacher Training Australia (TTA)

TTA was inaugurated in 2004 as an independently owned organisation providing professional development courses for classroom educators and CRTs. All their presenters come directly from the industry and range from practising teachers to Education experts. Programs can be accessed in a variety of formats including face-to-face, online or via school consultancy.

Learn more about Teacher Training Australia

Australian Institute for Teaching and Schools Leadership (AITSL)

The AITSL is focused on developing the expertise of educators across Australia. They offer numerous professional development resources that are designed in accordance with the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. They also provide teacher assessment tools and Initial Teacher Education (ITE) training programs.

Learn more about the Australian Institute for Teaching and Schools Leadership

Victorian Institute of Teaching

The Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) is an independent statutory authority for the teaching profession, designated to regulate members of the profession practising in Victoria. Their online resource provides comprehensive information on teaching in Victoria as well as a number of valuable training and professional development programs. 

Learn more about the Victorian Institute of Teaching

Your Tradewind Recruiter

A good Education recruiter understands what it means to be a CRT, they’ll support you through challenges, help you grow as a teacher and assist with meeting professional development requirements.

Tradewind offers professional development and learning resources for CRTs, and our consultants have a full understanding of not only the profession but also your local area. Many of our resources can be found on our website and our training programs can be undertaken during school holidays or evenings. We also provide a mentoring service with former school Principal Billy Green, through classroom observation and over the phone.


Working as a Casual Relief Teacher can be both challenging and rewarding. Take the time to utilise some of our top professional development and learning resources for CRTs and you’ll be in good stead to navigate the Education landscape successfully and drive learning outcomes for students.

For further information on any of these key learning resources for CRTs or to discuss teaching career opportunities, get in touch.