7 Mother’s Day Crafts You Can Make at Home

May 2020 by Tradewind Australia

Tradewind Mothers Day Crafts Featured

The unusual circumstances surrounding this Mother’s Day, whilst not ideal, have allowed us to show we care a little bit differently, maybe even making this year more memorable for the right reasons. Other restrictions we are facing have already led to some inventive ways to celebrate other traditions, Mother’s Day is another chance for us to show our resourcefulness. We’ve scoured the web to put together a list of seven handmade Mother’s day crafts you can make at home with the kids to show mums just how much they are appreciated.  Click each subheading for detailed instructions.

1. Butterfly Handprint Cards

Incredibly simple to make, and the personalised touch that comes with your child using their handprint is sure to be a winner.


2. Salt Dough Handprint Ornament

With a very basic ingredient list required, the salt dough handprint ornament has parents, children, grandparents (even pets) getting their very own ornament. There is an added safety benefit with this one as the dough is edible, if a little salty.


3. I Love You Pop Up Card

This one is going to require some advanced cutting skills in the first place, but the design is easily customisable from there to make the activity child friendly with a personalised message for mum.


4. DIY Heart-Shaped Notebook

If you want to think outside the box this Mother’s Day and create something that has both keepsake and some practical value, then give the DIY heart-shaped notebook a try.


5. PomPom Flower Box

Beautiful and fragrant though they may be, the traditional Mother’s Day bouquet requires upkeep and management. Why not instead use this method instead of flowers that stay vibrant all year round with no extra effort?


6. Scrabble Tiles Picture Frame

A beautiful and thoughtful way to store one memory inside another. This scrabble picture frame is a keepsake in itself and provides a home for another cherished memory.


7. Felt Flower Bookmarks

Remind her of that special day every time she opens a book. No special cutting equipment required, just scissors and a little patience.


Hopefully, this list proves that despite the difficulties we are facing there are so many ways we can bring a slice of normality and joy this Mother’s Day. When we come out of this crisis we will remember how we responded and what we did to comfort and show support for our loved ones, Mother’s Day seems like the perfect opportunity to ask the best of ourselves and those around us.