Top Online Resources for Social Workers

May 2020 by Shelley Martin

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Social Work is an extremely diverse and growing field, and Social Workers face a variety of obstacles on a day-to-day basis, making it an exciting yet challenging industry to sink your teeth into. While training and practical experience go a long way towards equipping you for the challenges you’ll face on the job, it’s always worthwhile to look for other ways to continue building your skills and supplementing your knowledge.

The online resources listed below offer useful insights into the Social Work profession from both Australia and overseas – we hope you learn something new that you can apply to your Social Work practice.

1. Australian Association of Social Workers

The Australian Association of Social Workers is leading the charge in voicing social justice reform and provides a bounty of valuable information for Social Workers all over the country. This organisation makes it a priority to uphold Social Work standards while advocating the importance of the profession itself to ensure Social Workers in the future have the resources they need to make changes and tackle issues head-on.

2. Australian Social Work

Australian Social Work is an international peer-reviewed Social Work journal that provides its readers with current thinking and trends in the industry. Full of fascinating studies offering relevant insights for today’s issues, this reputable resource remains at the forefront of its field. The journal invites the submission of papers from authors worldwide, helping to maintain its competitive nature and continually foster original research.

3. The New Social Worker

If you’re looking for a platform that offers a user-friendly experience that’s equally fascinating, engaging, and provides current thinking in the field, don’t miss The New Social Worker. This is an excellent Social Work resource that’s engaging to read, and each issue provides practical articles for current Social Work students, recent graduates and others interested in the field.

4. Social Work Helper

SWHelper is an award-winning website dedicated to providing current information and resources related to social justice, social work and overall social good everywhere. Their goal is to use evidence-based research when reporting on current societal problems to elevate the voices of vulnerable people. This top online resource for social workers is aimed at everyone from students to policymakers, to lay-people of all kinds looking to help loved ones, themselves, or to simply be more informed on today’s societal happenings.


A top Social Work website, Social Workers Toolbox is bursting at the seams with activities, guides and literature about anything related to those niggly emotional and traumatic occurrences that may be difficult to process alone. From postnatal depression to learning to live on one’s own and everything in between, this online resource for social workers is ideal for gaining the additional insight you need to better help those afflicted.

6. Encyclopaedia of Social Work

An excellent resource for Social Workers, the Encyclopaedia of Social Work offers the reliability of print with the accessibility of the digital platform. With topics ranging from international social welfare to ethical standards, this publication is utilised by students, scholars and practitioners alike. The Encyclopaedia of Social Work provides a trusted foundation for a lifetime of commitment to the shared vision of helping others.


While the lure of changing lives through Social Work is often accompanied by the stress of managing heavy situations, the reward is well worthwhile. Having a strong network of support around you and resources to help guide you can make all the difference. Keep these golden resources in your back pocket and remember to always stay curious, and you’ll surely be on your way to a gratifying career.

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