Webinar: Moving from New Zealand to Melbourne as a Social Worker

June 2021 by Tradewind Australia

Moving From New Zealand To Melbourne As A Social Worker Featured

Are you a Kiwi social worker looking for a new adventure? Melbourne is the arts, sports and cultural capital of Australia, and is home to myriad restaurants, bars, festivals and events. Add to this the high standard of living and huge demand for skilled social workers, and it’s clear that a move to Victoria could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

In our latest Social Work webinar, host Ian McNally and special guests Dee Herde and Sarah Ingram got into the details of living and working as a social worker in Melbourne. During the conversation, they talked about the benefits of making the move from New Zealand, advice for navigating the process and what to expect from day-to-day life.

The key discussion points include:

  • Why New Zealand social workers should consider coming to work in Melbourne.

  • What the experience of moving to Melbourne from overseas is really like.

  • How working in Melbourne could benefit your social work career.

  • The current state of the job market in Melbourne and the availability of opportunities.

  • Key skills and experience that are in demand within the mental health, family services and aged care space.

  • How salaries and the cost of living differ between Melbourne and New Zealand.

  • Key things you need to do before you make the move and the requirements for working as a social worker in Victoria.

  • How Tradewind can help with the process of relocating and finding the right role.

For more details on moving from New Zealand to Melbourne as a social worker, be sure to watch the full episode below.

If you would like to discuss any of the points further, get in touch with our team of Social Work recruitment specialists today.