Addressing the Teacher Shortage Crisis - A case study with one school

August 2023 by Tradewind Australia

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​How Tradewind's education team supports schools in need of educators

It's no secret that there is a teacher shortage crisis in Victoria right now. This issue exists not only in Metro Melbourne, but extends to each part of the state. Regional schools have been hit particularly hard due in part to their locations. This has raised significant concerns about the well-being of both students and educators.

Many experienced teachers are opting for early retirement or leaving the profession due to burnout, high workloads, and a lack of adequate support. The ongoing challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, including disruptions to teaching routines and the adoption of remote learning, have added to the pressures on teachers. As a result, schools across Victoria are struggling to maintain consistent student-teacher ratios and provide students with the attention and guidance they require. Another challenge for some schools, is that Assistant Principals and Principals are needing to pick up classes, to fill the gaps due to low staffing levels.

Solutions that have been implemented to support metro and regional schools include:

  • Increased funding by the Government for the education sector state-wide

  • Incentives to attract and retain teachers

  • Comprehensive support systems are continually being put in place to ensure the well-being of educators

One of Tradewind's key priorities is to support the schools we work with to fill not only permanent teaching opportunities, but also to fill CRT and TA shifts. In the video below, we walk through one school's challenges, how we focused on a solution-based approach tailored for this specific school, and what the results have been.

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