Q&A with Principal Terry Twomey - Challenges facing Principals & working with Tradewind

August 2023 by Tradewind

Ian & Terry Q&A

Welcome to this exciting Q&A with former Principal Terry Twomey. Tradewind have worked with Terry for many years, initially providing recruitment support when he was a Principal. We would supply his school with CRT's and TA's as required. We built a fantastic relationship, and as Terry transitioned out of his role as a principal, he joined the Tradewind team in a mentoring role. A key focus of his role is to provide support and guidance for our CRT's and TA's, ensuring they receive a superior level of support as they begin or progress their education careers with Tradewind.

We've broken down the Q&A session into bite sized chunks. Choose to watch it all, or skip to the relevant sections that cover topics you are specifically interested in.

In part one of this Q&A, Terry and Tradewind Operations Manager, Ian McNally, discuss some of the critical challenges Principals and Assistant Principals are experiencing across the state.

In the second part of our Q&A, Ian and Terry discuss:

  • What does Terry do at Tradewind?

  • How do Terry and Tradewind support our relief teachers?

  • What type of things haves schools and Tradewind been doing to support CRTs?

  • What happens when things don't go to plan?

In part three of this Q&A, the guys cover:

  • As a principal, what was Terry's onboarding experience with Tradewind like?

  • What has Terry noticed about the way our consultants work with our teachers, the knowledge they have about our teachers, the roles we're filling and the schools we work with?

And in our final part of this Q&A, Ian and Terry discuss what happens when schools provide feedback to Tradewind on each CRT and TA, and how schools can lean on Tradewind to ensure their feedback is used to help develop and support our education professionals. They also cover:

  • How important are relationships between schools and recruitment agencies?

  • How important is it for principals to know that when they provide feedback on a CRT, Tradewind act upon this?

  • How much can a school rely on Tradewind to follow through on the guarantees that we help and support teachers?

Thanks for watching and if you would like to get in touch with Tradewind to discuss any of the topics covered in this Q&A or to talk about recruitment support for your school, simply complete the contact us form below, or call us on 1800 192 195.