Podcasts All Social Services Workers Need to Be Listening To

June 2024 by Admin

Podcasts All Social Workers Need To Be Listening To

Listening to podcasts is a great way for busy professionals working in Social Services to expand their practice knowledge, stay up to date in the field and develop the tools they need to manage the everyday challenges of their Social Services jobs. Covering everything from the latest industry trends to current events through a Social Services lens, podcasts are excellent resources for professional development, and with just the click of a mouse or tap of a screen, you can listen to them whenever and wherever you want. It’s as though you have a team of experts available to give you support and advice anytime you need it!

If you are just embarking on your podcast journey, we’ve put together a list of our favourites to get you started – and the best part is, several of these top Social Services podcasts are produced right here in Australia!

The Social Work Podcast

One of the top podcasts for those working in Social Services, Jonathon Singer dives into any and all aspects of the profession, spanning across education, research, policy and direct practice. Singer delivers an excellent podcast in an easy-to-digest format that tackles plenty of relevant and thought-provoking subjects, including ethics, social media and self-care for those working in Social Services.

The Mental Illness Happy Hour

Even with the growing focus on raising awareness and combatting stigma we are seeing today, mental health is still a topic that many people find uncomfortable to discuss. This podcast creates a safe space for honesty and openness where people can talk about their experiences and normalise mental illness. Sharing even his own struggles, host Paul Gilmartin interviews everyone from comedians, to artists, to doctors, in a bid to remind people that the biggest mental health myth is that you’re all alone.


This research-based podcast engages practitioners and researchers alike to help shed light on some of the issues Social Services face today. In a wonderfully easy-to-listen-to format, this podcast dives into hard-hitting social services conversations such as macro social services, trauma, human rights, social justice and inequality.

The Social Work Stories Podcast

Every week, Australian hosts Mim Fox and Liz Murphy talk with industry professionals about their experiences in Social Services. From child welfare to crisis helplines, to new models of practice while helping victims of trauma, this not-to-be-missed podcast is full of remarkable stories from real people who have lived through the nitty-gritty of the Social Services field.

Social World Podcast

Having experienced both triumphs and disasters in the ever-changing field of Social Services, David Niven interviews fascinating members of the community while discussing the obstacles our world is facing today and what we can do to overcome them. A pillar in the Social Services world, when he’s not podcasting, Niven delivers bespoke training in the social care sector with a focus on child protection, undoubtedly giving him valuable experiences to draw on.

Social Work Discoveries

Ben Joseph, an Australian Social Services worker, researcher and tutor, delves into the many exciting Social Services projects happening in the community and highlights the important role played by Social Services research. Joseph interviews a different Social Services Researcher each week to deconstruct their findings and discover what we can gain from their experience.


If you work in the field, you know first-hand that Social Services is a path of hard work, sacrifice and the joy of helping others. With an exciting variety of Social Serviecs podcasts in your back pocket, you’ll be able to stay updated on best practice, hear the voices of other industry champions and find a meaningful connection within the community.

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