Beverley Ashauer

Payroll and Accounts Team Leader

Welcome to Tradewind!! Before I get into introducing our well-oiled, little Payroll and Accounts Team, I’d like to take this opportunity to impart some basic information around how Tradewinds’s payroll works with you;

  • Payroll for our temps (teachers and social workers) is run weekly

  • Our Pay week runs from 12:00am Sunday through to the following Sunday 12:00am

  • We process the pays and invoices every Tuesday (except if a public holiday falls on a Monday or Tuesday in the week and then it is delayed by one day)

  • Social workers submit a weekly timesheet, approved by their onsite manager by COB each Friday (12pm on a Monday if they work shifts on a weekend)

  • Teachers are paid from the bookings that are set up in Allocations, so need to be accurately entered to ensure we pay them and invoice the schools correctly.

  • If you have any further questions after induction around payroll and accounts, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Aneta, Gabriel (Gabe) or myself (Bev). You will always get one of us at or we’ll chat your ear off if you call our extension J

That’s the housekeeping done, now onto the fun stuff……

Beverley Ashauer (me) – I started at Tradewind in April 2013 when we used to raise all our invoices manually. Fun times!! In my time here, I have had the pleasure of watching Tradewind transition through 3 different databases as it has grown into the veritable company it is today. I started in the Melbourne office and have since relocated to Brisbane with my family in 2018. The most important part of my role is finalising the weekly payroll every Tuesday as efficiently and accurately as possible. The rest of my week is filled with reporting the financials to management, processing payroll variations and keeping the payroll system and processes up to date.