Clare Wilson

Education Team Leader – West & Learning and Development Specialist

Tell us about your role.

In my role as the Team Leader of the West Team at Tradewind, I oversee all schools within the Western Suburbs of Melbourne. I am constantly in touch with schools, discussing their daily relief needs and future requirements. In addition, I oversee my team who establish strong connections with casual teachers and support staff across the western suburbs. Working closely with my team, we identify suitable candidates for these positions, ensuring that schools have consistent and reliable support. Additionally, we assist schools in finding candidates for extended casual positions, such as when staff members go on long service leave. Our goal is to provide schools with stability and our teachers with enjoyable placements.

Apart from my Team Leader responsibilities, I also serve as the Learning and Development Specialist. Leveraging my qualifications and experience as a teacher, I support educators who have been out of the profession for more than five years in successfully returning to the classroom. Through one-on-one conversations, I address their concerns and provide insights into the changing landscape of education. Moreover, I offer educational resources and ongoing support to help these educators transition back into teaching.

Tell us about your career to date.

I completed my Bachelor's Degree in Education from the University of Tasmania in 2017. After graduating, I gained experience by working on short-term contracts in low-socioeconomic schools across the North-West Coast of Tasmania. In 2018, I relocated to Melbourne from my hometown of Devonport and joined Tradewind as a casual relief teacher . After three months, I was offered my first full-time contract in a government primary school in the South Eastern Suburbs, where I taught Year 4 for five years. During this time, I actively participated in a Professional Learning Community and developed expertise in The Science of Reading and The Resilience Project. I also gained experience in integrating students with diverse learning needs, such as Autism, ADHD, and Intellectual Disabilities, into mainstream classrooms.

In 2022, I transitioned to a small Catholic School in Alphington, teaching Year 3/4. As the year progressed, I decided to pursue a leadership position and started applying for Learning Specialist and Curriculum Development roles. During my search, I came across a position as a Candidate Consultant at Tradewind and was successful in securing the role. In addition to my consultant responsibilities, I also took on the role of Learning and Development Specialist, building relationships with casual teachers in the South Eastern region of Melbourne. After five months, I applied for and successfully secured the position of Team Leader for the Western Region, where I manage schools in the area and supervise the internal team.

How do you stay ahead of the curve?

The West Team place great importance on building and maintaining strong relationships with both our candidates and clients. The team is dedicated to providing exceptional service by taking personal responsibility for their tasks and promptly responding to the needs of our clients and candidates. Whether it's assisting schools in finding suitable teachers or helping teachers return to schools they enjoyed, we prioritise meeting their needs. Through honest and open communication, we have established trust with those who work closely with us, fostering strong relationships based on mutual understanding and support.

What’s your favourite thing about working at Tradewind? 

Working with Tradewind is an incredibly fulfilling experience for me. One aspect that stands out is the opportunity to actively contribute to the growth and development of teachers' careers. Through providing feedback and offering practical and theoretical strategies, I genuinely feel like I am making a meaningful impact in the field of education. It's a rewarding feeling to know that I am playing a part in shaping the future of teaching.

What is an interesting fact about you?

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