Danielle Arthur

General Manager of Social Services

Hi and if I haven’t met you yet, I’m looking forward to it!

I joined Tradewind in 2016, 8 days after landing in Australia. I had planned to travel around and only stay for 6 months, but I began work as casual admin staff (scanning TFN forms when we used to use paper documents… the good old days!) and soon realised Tradewind and Melbourne was where I wanted to be more long term. I’ve had a few different positions here and have enjoyed them all as its allowed me to really understand a lot of different parts of the business; always on the social services side, working in compliance, then recruiting in mental health, moving to the perm / allied health space and now I’m managing the social services side of the business. My current role involves managing the Team Leads, working with them and the team to ensure our values our upheld, the service we provide to clients and candidates is one to be proud of & ensure we are consistently growing to establish ourselves better each year in the markets we work in, as well as create more opportunities for people who wish to grow their career at Tradewind. We are always trying to be better than before and so if you have an idea to improve service, see potential for growth in a certain area, please let me know!