Emily Jones

Emily Jones

Bespoke Recruitment - Senior Education Consultant

Been with Tradewind since 2015 and originally started with the casual relief team as the allocator, where I allocated shifts in the nights to teachers. I then moved onto being the South consultant, where I worked for almost 3 years on the desk maintaining relationships with clients as a senior education consultant.  

Whilst working on the casual relief team, we noticed schools were requesting assistance to find permanent staff (to work directly at their school). They would approach our casual relief staff about opportunities and we would often loose a teacher. Due to the volume of requests, Tradewind decided to start up a permanent and contract desk for our schools and I would manage the permanent team for Education. This desk was formed in 2019 and benefits not only teachers that are only looking for full time opportunities, but it means we don’t lose casual relief staff that are signed up with us.

We will work closely with the casual relief team as they may have registered teachers looking for permanent work opportunities, as well as casual relief teaching work. We also maintain relationships with user schools who have worked with us for a number of years with being provided casual relief teachers. The consultants may have arrangements set up with the school already in place.

We also work closely with Nicole, as Nicole is constantly head hunting teachers for casual relief work, she will let us know if she speaks to a candidate who only wants permanent opportunities. 

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