Gonca Durukan

Compliance Team Leader

Tell us about your role.

As the Compliance Team Leader, my role is to ensure that the onboarding process within the organisation adheres to all relevant regulations and our company standards. This involves ensuring that all candidates have met our clients' compliance requirements. It's essential to stay updated on changing laws and regulations.

Tell us about your career to date.

After completing my undergraduate degree in sociology, I started working in the field of recruitment. I have been recruiting in the fields of technology, marketing and sales since 2014. I also gained training experience by working as a HR Specialist for 2 years. In my last position as a Global Talent Acquisition Specialist, compliance was an important part of my role. During this experience, I worked in auditing, recruiting and onboarding processes. I joined Tradewind in August 2023. After working as a Senior Compliance Consultant at Tradewind for 2 months, I was promoted to the Team Leader position.

What’s your favourite thing about working at Tradewind?

I really enjoy office environment.

What are your favourite hobbies / passions outside of work?

I love dancing and Pilates!