Heather Hart

South Education Consultant Team Leader

While living in the UK, I gained over 10 years’ experience in the insurance industry in Customer Service and Complaints. I also have a degree in Education Studies with a strong focus on International Development, as well as developing an understanding of frontline teacher experiences to enact policy change. In addition, I have over 4 years’ experience as a trainer/mentor in both business and education.

What I'm passionate about? Of course education, but also working hard and delivering on my promises, and ensuring my teachers feel supported and empowered.

My passion for education is contagious, and I also have a deep respect for teachers, especially CRTs. I’ll always make time for a chat as I genuinely care about you and your career. If you’ve had a fabulous day at school, I want to hear about it. But if you’ve had a not-so-great day, I want to hear about that too!

Three Interesting Things About Me:

1. I hail from Lancashire in the UK and am a proud Northerner

2. I’m a dog person, and my puppy Chester is my favourite thing in the world!

3. I love cheesy jokes