Hope Collins

Sales Director

I joined Tradewind as a recruitment consultant on the education team in 2012. During my interview, my mobile phone rang approximately 10 times and I couldn’t switch it off or make it silent (how does that even happen). When I left the interview, I walked out the door the wrong way and straight into a wall. Desperately hoping no one saw it I turned around to see George looking straight at me. When I got to the parking garage to pick up my car I realised I had not brought a wallet and needed to beg them to let me take my car out without paying. Then on my first day I could not log on to my computer, after attempting for approximately 30 minutes George came over to look. He let me know it was because I was spelling recruitment incorrectly. From that wobbly start, it was onwards and upwards. I moved into various roles along the way and have loved every one of them. Working at Tradewind has allowed me to be creative and authentic in a way that I did not think was possible in the corporate world.

My current roles as Sales Director involves me coming up with market-leading recruitment innovation (the fun part) and being a practice leader (demonstrating what intensity looks like). I am responsible for our continued growth and same as growing anything, there is no magic involved you put in the work with a group of motivated and talented individuals pulling in the same direction and wah-lah, success!

I manage team leaders across both education and social work and believe in an open door policy. So if you have an idea or see something that could be improved come and have a chat.'