Mairin Best

Director - People and Culture

About my role...

As the Director of People and Culture, I am responsible for the strategic HR management and direction of the organisation, ensuring we have the talent and culture to continue our success in the staffing and recruitment industry.


About my experience...

I have a Bachelor of Business specialising in Human Resources. Following my graduation I worked in the debt collection industry where I was part of the contract team, drafting Terms of Trade and Employment Agreements for our clients.

I moved to Australia in my mid twenties and started working in the recruitment industry, first for a nursing agency where I worked in Compliance, before being promoted into the HR team and ultimately as the National HR Manager.
When I moved from Perth to Melbourne is when my journey with Tradewind began. I originally joined as an Education Recruitment Consultant, before moving into the Education Team Leader position. I then moved into Operations where I was the Organisation and Development Manager, before returning back to the Education Team as the manager. After approximately 8 years, I then took a secondment in the Social Services team acting as the Corporate Services Team Leader.

I then made the move back into Operations as the Training and Development Manager, before moving into my current role as the Director of People and Culture. This role now oversees the HR function of the business and the Operations team.


Do you have any stories about how you joined Tradewind?

I began when there was only about 8 of us, in a small office. Throughout my time here I have seen Tradewind grow in size from 8 to almost 80 and this is due to the way that Tradewind operates. I have never seen an organisation truly live by their values and that is what Tradewind does. I think we can thank this, for the success the organisation has seen.


How do you stay ahead of the curve?

I pride myself on my organisational skills and how I manage my time and tasks. I think being organised is the crucial first step to being a success in any role. This is also how I ensure that I always get back to everyone.


The best piece of advice I've ever been given is...

To only worry about the things in your control. If you spend your time focusing on things that you ultimately have no effect over, all you are going to do is cause yourself stress. If you imagine a circle, and place those things outside of it, then what is left in the middle? What can you control? Now focus only on that and watch your stress ease!