Mairin Best

Mairin Best

North Education Team Leader

Kia ora! My name is Mairin Best and I am the Team Leader of the North desk in the Education department. I started with Tradewind in May 2014 and have worked in many different roles in the company. I was originally hired as an Education Consultant, I have been the Team Leader of the whole Education department (back when our team was much smaller), I was the Organisation and Development Manager, and have since moved back to Team Leader for the North desk. As the Team Leader, not only am I responsible for the ultimate performance of the North desk and for managing the team, I am also the Client Consultant. In my team we have Georgia Whitaker - Candidate Consultant, and Dan Ewart – Allocator.

We each hold different roles in order to meet the common goal – to ensure the continuous success and growth of the North temp/casual desk in Education.

My main responsibility as Team Leader is the day to day management of the North desk, including the management of the Candidate Consultant and Allocator and the overall performance of the desk. I work from 6.30am – 3pm. My main responsibility as the Client Consultant is generating growth of existing client’s/ school bookings, achieved by maintaining meaningful relationships via regular communication and visits.

We work very closely with the other Education teams as we all try to work together as one cohesive unit. The recruitment team bring in the teachers > we interview them > recruitment do their compliance > we then takeover all communication and try and get them as much work as possible. The BD team ensure we have enough schools coming on board, in the right areas so that we can keep the teachers happy. We also work closely with the West and South teams to ensure we can share teachers where possible.

FUN FACT – We are a team full of Kiwis! We are also probably the most pedantic team in terms of how we do things. We like things to be done a certain way, and follow a certain process, and all of this revolves around the fact that communication is key! In fact, over communication is preferred.

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