Paul Smythe

Marketing Manager

About my role...

I lead the brand strategy and the evolving digital experience for Tradewind Australia. I work with our talented team to plan and execute cross-channel marketing campaigns, which results in connecting with job seekers and organisations within the Education and Social Services sectors.

Developing a positive experience for everyone we work with is a critical component of my role. I also support our internal teams by creating engaging content which connects with our audiences.

It's an exciting and expansive area to work in. I get to collaborate with the entire Tradewind team each day, which keeps keeps me on my toes and makes my role fun and exciting!

How do you and your team provide the best recruitment experience?

The recruitment experience our candidates and clients receive is quite unique. While we forge ahead with our digital marketing enhancements, you'll feel the passion and soul of our business when you connect with our team.

From the very first phone conversation, job seekers feel assured that our recruiters work on an individual level to provide a truly personalised experience, while the businesses and organisations who use us to source talented individuals do so because of their confidence in our knowledge, expertise and nationwide network.

This combination allows the Tradewind team to provide a superior level of customer service, which you can see for yourself by checking out our Google reviews.

How do you stay ahead of the curve?

To me, staying ahead of the curve in recruitment is about being well informed on what's happening in the market as a whole, while anticipating trends. This includes everything from brand perception and development to improving our user experience - both digitally, and in-person.

My role has a number of facets which allow me to focus on creative solutions to attract, retain and support talented individuals as well as organisations who want to connect with their ideal future employees.

What is an interesting fact about you?

I chased the endless winter for 22 ski seasons, and it was working for ski resorts where I first got into recruitment and marketing.

What are your favourite hobbies / passions outside of work?

- Skiing
- The beach life
- Being a cat Dad of two
- Tinkering with cars