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Guide for First Year Teachers

Your first year of teaching is an exciting time, full of possibilities and new opportunities to learn. However, a lot of new teachers can feel out of their depth and ill-equipped to tackle the unexpected challenges that inevitably arise. Luckily, with the right guidance and preparation, every teacher has the ability to make their first year in the classroom the best it can be.

A key part of surviving and thriving at the start of your teaching career is knowing where to find the guidance and support you need to succeed. This guide will provide you with helpful strategies and practical advice for new teachers to help you feel more confident in the classroom and handle the ups and downs of the profession.

In this first-year teacher resource, you will find:

  • Practical tips for new teachers and action items that you can start to apply right away
  • Suggestions for how to prepare for your first year of teaching
  • Support with common challenges that new teachers struggle with
  • Snippets of encouragement and inspiration to help keep you motivated

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