Educator of the Week - Week 3 | Tradewind Australia

Educator of the Week Week 3

Southern Suburbs - Samantha

Congratulations to Samantha, our Educator of the Week for the South-Eastern suburbs. Samantha has been fantastic to work with, her flexibility and adaptability is shown when she works in our schools. As she received fantastic feedback from schools, we know she builds a great rapport with both students and staff alike. Thank you for representing us so fantastically, keep up the great work!


Northern Suburbs - Shonah

Congratulations Shonah on being North’s Teacher of the Week! Throughout the year Shonah has developed a strong relationship with not only us here at Tradewind, but with some of our amazing schools who ask for her back regularly. Shonah is an amazing asset to our team and we are extremely grateful for her; she also makes her own jewellery - how cool is that! Thank you again Shonah :)

Western Suburbs - Amanda

Amanda is an experienced Food Tech that has been working at one school for most of the year but overall their campuses. The school loves her professional manner and flexibility to not only teach Food Tech but her willingness to cover all areas and help the school where possible. She has helped the school so much this year during the busy Term 2 and 3 period. We thank Amanda for everything she has done this year for Tradewind, the school but most importantly the students!

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