Moving to Australia as a Social Services Recruiter

November 2022 by Tradewind Australia

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​Moving to Australia is an exciting opportunity for recruiters in the UK & Ireland. It’s easy to see why you should: the pristine beaches aren’t the only natural wonders to be found here in Australia. It’s one of the most fascinating, captivating countries you could ever hope to visit – but moving here? That’s a leap that you should absolutely be willing to take!

If you have 18 months paid experience as a Recruiter and you are looking for your next adventure, then why not look beyond your borders and change your life for good? The UK will always be there for you if you want to return, but Australia has much to offer you if you are willing to experience something entirely new.

As a Social Services Recruiter, you’ll be able to put your knowledge and passion into action throughout Australia and make a real difference. Before you book the ticket and hop on a flight, let us give you some insight into what goes into heading to Australia and continuing your recruitment career.

Being a Recruiter in Australia

One of the biggest reasons that people start looking into a recruitment career in Australia is the lifestyle here. Australia has a huge mix of cosmopolitan cities, plenty of sunshine and a work/life balance that draws the best talent.

Whether you want to start your day with a dip in the ocean or want to finish up early and head out for dinner with friends, there are so many who opt for the work hard, play hard model! It’s the perfect place to base yourself if you want to explore areas of the world that were previously hard to reach, such as Fiji, Bali and New Zealand.

Life aside, another huge plus for choosing to recruit in Australia is the current economy and market. The recruitment market in Australia is stable and buoyant compared to other markets – which makes the salaries here incredibly competitive!

What About Visas?

Did you know that Recruitment Consultant is one of the roles on the Short-Term Strategic Occupations Skills List (STSOL)? This means that budding Recruitment Consultants can take many different top-tier visa pathways to emigrate to Australia. It enables permanent residency, too, so you could move here and stay if you wanted to!

People who look to emigrate to Australia from the UK & Ireland under the Recruitment Consultant code aren’t always Social Services Recruiters – they come from a variety of backgrounds.

The skills that Recruitment Consultants possess are transferable across sectors, and those skills are in real demand. The best bit is that you don’t even need to have a job lined up in Australia to apply. The Skilled Visa relevant to Recruitment Consultants is all about your skills, your history and how you will be able to contribute here.

Living in Australia

Moving to Australia involves a lot of change from the cost of living to the healthcare system. You’ll be living and working in an entirely new country, so there are things to consider. Let’s take a closer look:

Cost of Living

Australia is often rumoured to have a high cost of living, and that’s not a lie. The one thing to remember before that puts you off, however, is that the salaries are often higher than in the UK. It’s all relative to what you’re earning and while it may feel expensive to look at the figures, you’ll have both a base salary plus commission to consider.


The healthcare system in Australia is generally fantastic. As a visa holder from the UK, you’ll be entitled to Medicare which means you have access to the same healthcare as other Australians. You can also consider private health insurance for peace of mind if you’re worried.


Where you move to in Australia really does depend on what you are looking for. As you know, the UK is known for its grey, rainy days and not much in the way of sunshine and heat. If you want to live in perpetual sunshine (with humidity thrown in), then Queensland could be your home. If you prefer a little bit of respite from the sun, like the seasons with a nice long summer, Melbourne could be for you. No matter where you go, there is beauty and excitement!

Getting Support

If you want your move from the UK & Ireland to be a successful one, the best thing that you can do is contact a recruiter as soon as you can. Even when you’re in the thinking stages of this big leap you should talk to those who understand what you’re looking for. Whether you are in Social Services Recruitment or you are looking to jump into the sector, give us a call.

Some of us have made the leap and we’ve been right where you are! Why not talk to Danielle, who came over to Australia from the UK on a Working Holiday Visa only to be sponsored by Tradewind? Or Jake, who also made the move from the UK and understands all of the questions you might have?

Some other team members who’ve made the big move from New Zealand are Mairin and Brad. Feel free to get in contact with our team to discuss their journeys and they’ll be happy to provide any advice!

Whether you want some general advice on the industry here or you’d like to learn more about settling into Australian life, we’re here to help. We’re not just looking for Social Services Recruiters! If you’ve got the recruitment skills and the drive to make your mark, we’re looking to talk to you, too!