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Disaster Management Recruitment

The Tradewind Disaster Management recruitment strategy has been designed to enable our government, community and health sector clients to engage frontline professional to assess and respond to the immediate and long-term needs of vulnerable and at-risk children, young people and adults in disaster affected areas of Victoria. It offers access to coordinated and integrated recruitment systems and candidate selection processes. We provide community and health professionals with a suite of induction and professional development training opportunities and an innovative employee support initiative that has been designed to increase personal safety, health and wellbeing.  The objectives of the recruitment strategy are to:

  • Provide streamlined, timely and tailored recruitment to organisations supporting regional and rural communities impacted by natural disasters;

  • Build government, community and health sector capacity and capability;

  • Offer a suite of practical induction and professional development opportunities for frontline professionals; and

  • Improve the personal safety, health and wellbeing of front line professionals and support our clients Worksafe compliance obligations.

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Australian Red Cross
One Girl
The Fred Hollows Foundation